Used Cases

Datacenter Deployment for a leading Aeronautical Company

Business Challenges:-

  • The Customer was to migrate the existing HP Storage (3PAR) to Dell Storage (Powerstore)
  • The Data protection solution was to be replaced from the existing HP to Dell Networker + Datadomain
  • The Powerstore storage was to be implemented
  • The Entire project was to be completed in Stipulated Time

Solution and Benefits:-

  • The Powerstore storage was successfully implemented in a unified fashion with the migration of NAS shared from Unity
  • The implementation Team could successfully migrate the existing Virtual machines from HP to Dell Powerstore Storage
  • The environment was complex with Vmware and Physical server clusters for Oracle HPUX. The implementation was successfully done with Networker backup software with target based appliance as Datadomain
  • The implementation was completed in the assigned time provided with customer appreciation

Backup Solution Requirement BFSI

1. Bank wants to implement the Anti-money laundering (AML) Application.
2. Bank required a NetWorker backup solution for Bangalore – DC, and Kolkata – DR locations for the AML database and Application server.
3. Bangalore location having Oracle v19c Database cluster instance in Windows Failover cluster with AML Application server.
4. Kolkata location has a Standalone Oracle v19c database server with an AML Application server.
5. Both the location connected to over the SAN environment with Dell ML3 – Tape Library with 2 × LTO7 Drives for Offsite
6. Backup Solution should have features to take Online and Offline (File Folder level) backups of the AML Oracle database server.
7. Backup Solution should have features to take Offline (File Folder level) backups of the AML Application server
8. Bank wants to set up a Daily and Weekly backup policy with a 7-days and 1-month Retention policy respectively.

NetWorker Backup Solution:

  • Dell EMC NetWorker software for unified backup and recovery of your enterprise applications and databases. With centralized administration, NetWorker helps you take advantage of the best data protection that fits your needs best: deduplication, backup to disk and tape, snapshots, replication, and NAS. NetWorker protects both physical and virtual environments including VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V.
  • Whether you’re protecting applications and data residing within your data center or the public cloud, NetWorker provides the same enterprise-level user experience. With cloud capabilities, NetWorker offers a solution for cloud data protection with optimizations to secure your data everywhere.
  • NetWorker is available as a virtual edition or as a component of the Dell EMC Data Protection Suite, which offers you a complete suite of data protection software options.

HCI - Deployment Use case

Requirement of Mfg Co.

  • Customer required to refresh existing traditional infra to New HCI technology with Cost effective solution
  • Customer need TCO and ROl solution other than traditional infra
  • Require to migration infra-Virtual 40 VMs and 20No Physical infra to seamlessly.

Solution and Benefit

  • Provide Dell Vxrail 3Node Cluster with successfully implemented
  • With SDDC technology provide robust solutions
  • Accelerate infrastructure modernization to make IT a strategic advantage with the flexibility of Dell Vxrail vSAN technology
  • With Small footprint to save cost of IT Infrastructure

HCI - 2Node Cluster Use Case

Requirement of Chemical Mfg. Co.

  • Need to save the cost existing Software licenses of VMware
  • Customer need a cost effective with High Availability solution of existing Physical and VMware Virtual Infra
  • Solution would be N + 1 so that in the event of a node loss (approx. 50% loss of resources)
  • Require to save software licensing cost
  • Migrate existing Infra to New

Solution and Benefit

  • We have provide Nutanix 2Node Cluster with Witness server appliance
  • Save the Cost of Hypervisor licenses, with High Availability if a node failure
  • Smoothly migrate existing VMware to Nutanix Infra by Move tool
  • Manage entire infra Nutanix Prism Element with Single Console